John Riddle Estate Record

North Carolina }           In the Superior Court
Wilkes County }

In the matter of }
Irvin Reid & wife Elizabeth }
William Mickle & wife Nancy }
Deborah Riddle }
Samuel Riddle }
William Riddle }
John Riddle }
Geo Hayes & wife Polly }
Henry Benge & wife Milly }
Willis Benge & wife Sally }
Jesse Riddle, Joel Riddle }
William Glass & wife Susan }

The petition of Irvin Reid & wife Elizabeth, William Mickle & wife Nancy, Deborah Riddle, Samuel Riddle, William Riddle, John Riddle, Geo Hayes & wife Polly, Henry Benge & wife Sally, Jesse Riddle, Joel Riddle, William Glass & wife Susan all of whom are more than twenty one years of age would present,

I    That John Riddle late of said County of Wilkes died Intestate in December 1872
leaving him surviving your Petitioners Elizabeth who intermarried with the said Irvin Reid, Nancy who intermarried with William Mickle, Deborah Riddle, Samuel Riddle, William Riddle, John Riddle, Polley who intermarried with Geo Hayes, Milly who intermarried with Henry Benge, Sally who intermarried with the said Willis Benge being the children of the said John Riddle deceased, and who also left surviving him the following named Grandchildren to wit Jesse Riddle, Joel Riddle and Lousinda wife of the aforenamed, William Glass who are the children of James Riddle, decd, and who are likewise more than twenty one years of age,

II    That the above named children and Grand children are the only heirs at Law of the said John Riddle decd upon whom his Real Estate descended between them to be divided as tenants in Common,

III    That said John Riddle left no widow surviving him,

IV    That said Intestate at the time of his death was seized in fee simple of three several tracts of land all of which adjoin, situate in said County of Wilkes, on Little Hunting Creek and adjoins the lands of Geo Johnson (little Geo) Abram Mastin Thomas Combs and others containing about one hundred and twenty five acres

V    That they desire to have partition of said lands made amongst them according to their respective rights and interests but that owing to the size of said tract of land, the number of the parties interested therein the nature and quality of the --?--, it is impossible that actual partition thereof can be made without serious injury to the parties interested,


Wherefore Petitioners pray for an order or decree to have said lands sold on such terms as the Court may deem just and reasonable, and that the proceeds of such sale may be divided among them as follows, to wit, one tenth part thereof to Elizabeth wife of Irvin Reid, one tenth to Nancy wife of Wm Mickle, one tenth to Deborah Riddle, one tenth to Samuel Riddle, one tenth to William Riddle, one tenth to John Riddle, one tenth to Polly wife of Geo Hayes, one tenth to Milly wife of Henry Benge, one tenth to Sally wife of Willis Benge and one tenth part thereof to the said Jesse Riddle, Joel Riddle and Lousinda William Glass who together represent one share thereof.

Also pray the Court to appoint some suitable and competent person --- to make sale of said land and for all other & further relief in the premises to which they may be entitled.

Dula & Witherspoon
Attns for Petitioners

North Carolina }
Wilkes County }
We the undersigned citizens of said county make oath that we are well acquainted with the lands ... this Jany 23 1875

Neubern -X- Parkes
Reeves Brack

Estate Record Provided by Butch Johnson

Riddle Family

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