Marlow Dedication  '   ' 
    by Elsie Arcuri

Cherry Grove Cemetery
Brushy Mountains, Wilkes County

I would like to first thank everyone for coming today.

A special thanks to Earl Ball & wife Agnes, for providing a place for these markers to stand. Earl's grandfather, James Marlow, was the brother of Elbert & Franklin Marlow, 2 of whose markers are being dedicated today. I cannot say enough about Earl Ball, whose kindness and generosity will never be forgotten by me. He is a wonderful man! And I am proud to call him cousin. The Marlow memorial stands on a tract of land belonging to Earl Ball and adjoins the Cherry Grove Cemetery.

My sincerest gratitude to the Rocky Face Rangers Camp 1948 & especially Harold Dagenhart & Arlice Baker & his son Josh for their hard work in placing the markers. These men work endlessly asking nothing in return. And also to the Ladies of Southern Cross Chapter 27 Order of Confederate Rose. My heart felt thanks to each and everyone of you.

Seven Confederate veterans being honored and remembered today are:
  • Beverly James Marlow
  • David F Marlow
  • Elbert King Marlow
  • Franklin Marlow
  • James Harvey Marlow
  • William Jones Marlow
  • Phines Marlow Sr Reserves

    On 16 April 1862, Elbert King Marlow age 24, enlisted as Private in Co B 55th Regt NC Infantry. The 55th regiment lost thirty-one percent of the 640 engaged at Gettysburg and fifty-nine percent of the 340 at The Wilderness . The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1,2,3 of 1863 was the turning point of the Civil War. There were 51,000 dead and wounded in just 3 days.

    Elbert Marlow was hospitalized at Petersburg, VA, Dec 1 1862 with parotitis, [Par-a-ti-tis ] an inflammation, swelling and pain of the parotid [pa-rot-id] glands. In other words, he had the mumps.

    He was wounded in the left hand at Gettysburg, PA, July 1863 where he lost a thumb.

    Returned to duty and wounded in the right arm and bowels at Wilderness, VA, May 5 1864. The ball went through his right shoulder and lodged in his right side & went with him to his grave. Imagine the pain this man suffered for 53 years.

    He returned to duty April 1865; captured at Amelia Court house, VA and confined at Point Lookout Maryland April 13 thru June 29 1865, after taking the Oath of Allegiance.

    Elbert was married to Ceceila Cook, dau of Ephraim Cook. She died 1881 at age 37, a few weeks after childbirth, along with an infant son. She is buried in Catawba Co . They were the parents of 6 other children, 3 sons, 3 daus. Wm Philo, Lina Almedia, James Franklin, my grandfather, L Sophronia, Mary Ellen, Edward P who died 1905 at age 26 from appendicitis. Although most of these children were born in Wilkes county, they lived and died in Catawba Co.

    Elbert King Marlow was born 4 Jan 1838 in Wilkes County, the first of eleven children, to Elam Marlow and Lavinia Williams. (Elam Marlow was the brother of Phines Marlow)

    Elam & Lavinia's children:
  • Elbert Marlow
  • Sarah Marlow never married.
  • Paulina never married.
  • Frannklin
  • William Johnson moved to IL and served under the Union
  • Martha D. MARLOW m. 1869 James Oliver Moore
  • Mary L Marlow m. Eli F Anderson. Eli Anderson then married 1905 to Fanny Hendren. Eli & Fanny were the parents of Calvin Anderson.    Calvin�s wife, Azile Marlow, is the great-granddaughter of Phines Marlow. Phines Marlow is also the g-g-grandfather of Tim Marlow.
  • Christina Louise Marlow never married.
  • Rebecca Adeline Marlow m. James Calloway Marlow. Adeline was the mother of Sarah Melviney Marlow and the g-grandmother of Elrea    Hendren.
  • James I Marlow m. Adeline Moore. He was the grandfather of Earl Ball and great-grandfather of Len Moore who are here today.
  • Nancy (no information)

    In the latter part of 1874, Elbert lost his land and homeplace to Harold Hayes. From land descriptions in old deeds I believe that Elbert Marlow�s homeplace once stood near the old Ephraim Cook mill; later the Parker Mill & on land where the old Christie Tedder homeplace stands today.

    He & his family left Wilkes & traveled on foot to Catawba Co to make a new home. There he lived until some time before 1916, when he returned to Wilkes Co to his parents old homeplace and lived with his two surviving sisters, Teen & Liney . Elbert died 25 Jul 1916 and is buried in an unmarked grave in the family cemetery which is located a few miles east of where we stand today. It is accessible only by walking a trail for 2 miles or with a 4-wheeler. The old homeplace has only two chimineys left standing to mark the spot.

    A letter was written by Nancy and Jabez Hendren to their son, Jabez Elza Hendren on May 21 1862. An exerpt from that letter reads:
    "There are several volunteers going to start tomorrow morning from here. Elbert Marlow was here this morning and we told him to go and see you. When he gets there and he will tell you all about how we are doing. Elbert Marlow and his brother and William Hayes, Melvin Marlow and Bartlett Mullis are all going to start in the morning."

    So today, a stone is dedicated in memory of Elbert King Marlow, my great-grandfather.

    Franklin Marlow b. 1843 was a brother of Elbert King Marlow. Franklin Marlow enlisted as Pvt in Co D 52nd Regt - Mar 13 1862. He left for the war and never returned. He too is being remembered today for serving his country.

    David F. Marlow, age 18, enlisted as a Private in 55th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry Co B, on 16 April 1862 same day as Elbert Marlow. He died from wounds on 4 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA. He was born 1844. His parents have not been identified.

    William Jones Marlow, at age 30 enlisted as Pvt Co D 18th NC Infantry on 5 Sep 1862. Died of Typhoid on 19 Jan 1863 at a hospital, Richmond, VA. William J Marlow, the first of twelve children, was b. 1832 Wilkes Co to Joseph Marlow and Martha Gilreath. Joseph, Martha & family were living in GA when the Union Army tore down their home. One of the Union soldiers was Joseph's nephew. Joseph & Martha then traveled by foot with their remaining children to IL where they lived until their deaths. Joseph was the son of James Marlow Sr; Martha Gilreath was the dau of Jeremiah Gilreath; granddaughter of Alexander Gilreath.

    William Jones Marlow married ca 1848 Rebecca Mayberry dau of Abel & Mary Barker Mayberry. Abel Mayberry at one time owned the Mayberry Mill now known as Linney's Mill. Wm & Rebecca were the parents of 3 sons and two daus. After Wm Jones Marlow�s death, Rebecca moved to IL, along with her children and lived there until her death.

    Liberty Baptist Church Minutes: 1849 - William Cook, Elijah Hendren, Oliver Hendren & Wm. J. Marlow delegates to association.

    On July 12 1873 Wm Jones� bro Lewis Gaddis Marlow wrote a letter from Jasper Co IL to Jabez Hendren in Wilkes. An exerpt from this letter reads:
    "I can�t write much as I am in a hurry and it is Saturday evening and I have a long ways to go to see my sweetheart. Mother sends her love and best respects to you all, she would be pleased to see you all one more time. (Mother would be Martha Gilreath) He mentions in the letter that the price of corn was 23 cts per bushel; bacon was 7-12 � cts per lb.

    Marlow descendants living today on the Brushy Mountains share a common ancestor, James Marlow Sr who settled bef 1790 in the area around the Liberty Church. Much of that land at one tme belonged to the Marlow family.

    All these men were born in Wilkes County on the Brushy Mountains. A beautiful place for all of them to be honored and remembered today. Too long these men have been forgotten. Let these stones forever stand and may all who pass by remember these brave men. May they rest in eternal peace.

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