Marlow Dedication

Phines Marlow
    by Don Hayes

Co A 5 Regt Senior Reserves
Appears on Company 'A' Muster Roll for Jan & Feb 1865
Confederate 5 Regiment NC Senior Reserves
Capt Charles Carlton's Co B
appears on Company Muster Roll from Wilkes County for Sep 27 1864

Age 49
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Complexion Fair
Hair Lt
Eyes Blue
Occupation Farmer

This company was successfully designated as Capt. Carlton's Co.; Company 'B' Stowe's Battalion North Carolina Senior Reserves and Company A, 5th Regiment North Carolina Reserves. The 5th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves was formed about December 5 1864, by the addition of three attached companies to Stowe's Battalion North Carolina Senior Reserves

Phines Marlow was born March 15, 1818 on Brushy Mountains of Wilkes County, NC to James Marlow Jr. and Peggy Davis somewhere around and near where Liberty Church now stands.

Phines Marlow's Grandfather, James Marlow Sr. deeded James Marlow Jr on Feb 15, 1812 a tract of 146 acres on the White Oak Fork of Rocky Creek which at this time was in Iredell Co NC. In 1815 the county line changed and this land was taken into Wilkes County.

Grace Fletcher Home

Phines lived on Brushy Mtn. road about quarter-mile north of the Liberty Church where Grace Hayes Fletcher's home was located. In mid-1950's, I, (Don Hayes) was at Grace Fletchers, an aunt of mine (Don Hayes). Grace, Jeter (Jet) Hayes a brother, and wife, Dora Mae,
were all at a small bridge close to the main road and they pointed out a spring they said was called the (Phines Marlow Spring). This is probably close to where he and his family lived, and the spring was more than likely on his land and the family used it.

Phines Marlow married Annice Cook, daughter of Ephraim Cook and Lavinia Marlow on March 15th 1818 in Wilkes County, NC. Ephraim Cook was a Veteran of War of 1812. Children of Phines and Annice Marlow Were:

Johnson H. Marlow Born July 1, 1840
Genetta Marlow born August 16, 1841; died April 15, 1912. She married Harold Hayes Jan. 5. 1858
       1. Edward Hayes who married Mary Hendren
       2. Melvin Loyd Hayes married Martha Jane Johnson (my grandparents)
       3. Ida Louellen Hayes married Clingman Barnette

Melvin (Melver) Loyd Marlow born May 26, 1843; died Aug. 23, 1923. He married Rebecca Louise Hayes January 20, 1862, daughter of Henry H. Hayes and Frances Johnson and sister to Harold Hayes. Melvin Marlow was a Civil War Veteran: 55th Regiment, NC Infantry Co B.

Welborn Wilson Marlow born July 5, 1845, died October 12, 1889. Married Louisa Malissa Ball February 8. 1888 daughter of John Ball and Ary Stanley.

Wesley Gordon Marlow born March 20, 1847, died May 1, 1975. He married Sophia Moore September 29, 1866.

Asenith Marlow born January 31, 1849, died November 13, 1887. She married James Calloway Ball December 14, 1865.

Joseph Lee Marlow born October 3, 1851, died June 5, 1906. Married Louise Crosson 1876.

Nancy Marlow born October 3, 1851.

William Bynum Marlow born June 1, 1854, died December 20, 1925. He married Nancy Ellen Ball February 10, 1874.

Amanda Marlow born August 17, 1856, died January 26, 1907. She married Greenberry Estep October 1, 1878.

Cicero Vance Marlow born August 17, 1860, died March 3, 1905. Married Wilma Cordelia Brown Nov. 29, 1883.
        1. Amedia Eunice Marlow
        2. Mary Lucinda Marlow born April 10, 1885, died June 26, 1965
        3. Julia Ann Marlow born September 3, 1887, died 1898
        4. Joseph Phenias Marlow born June 29, 1890, died January 27, 1969
        5. William Burl Marlow born February 16, 1893, died August 3, 1964
        6. Thornton Marlow born October 22, 1896, died June 1976
        7. Bertha Viola Marlow born October 29, 1900, died January 16, 1924
        8. Phines Bird Marlow born May 6, 1865

Above photo taken ca 1915

Front Row: Rebecca Louise Hayes, Melver Lloyd Marlow                
                     Back Row: Dora B Moore Marlow, wife of James, son of Rebecca & Melver Marlow

Melver Marlow served as Pvt Co B 55th Regiment, NC Infantry.             
Enlisted on 16 April 1862 at the age of 20 in Wilkes Co, North Carolina.

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