Cherry Grove Road Construction

04 September 2004:
It was raining today, very overcast and foggy. The photos begin at intersection of Vannoy Ridge Rd and Cherry Grove Rd. Until a few years ago, this was known as Ball Mill Rd. At this intersection a sign stands today that reads "Ball Mill Rd". It is a newly painted sign, so am wondering who put it there! A lot of "friction" exists over the renaming of this road among the residents. Ball Mill Rd no longer goes past the location of where the old Ball Mill once stood and this has stirred up a bit of anger among the local residents.

The first photo is pointing North just as we left Vannoy Ridge Rd and onto Cherry Grove Rd.

The second photo points West and back toward Vannoy Ridge Rd. This area was once a deep hole and has been filled in with dirt from the construction work on the road.
In above photo, on the middle right, you see a sign for the Cherry Grove Church, that leads off to the right.

(Above & Below) On the West side of the road, up on a hill is the location of Ball Cemetery

Below is the same bridge shown in above photo. This is pointing South and headed back towards Vannoy Ridge Rd

On the right side of the trailer, in center of photograph, is an old roadbed that leads up to the old LDS Cemetery.

Construction work on bridge. This stream once carried water to Ball Mill. The Mill was located further West down the creek.

This is where the constuction stopped that day. This bridge crossed the creek that led to the Ball Mill on the west side.

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