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Brushy Mountain Branches

               The Marlow Family

The Brushy Mountains of North Carolina cover a vast area in south Wilkes, north Alexander, east Caldwell and portions of Yadkin & Surry Counties. It is on these mountains in the SE corner of Wilkes County North Carolina, that the MARLOWS first settled. Previously part of Iredell County, this area of the Brushy Mountains became part of Wilkes County in 1815.

James Marlow and John Marlow lived as neighbors on the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes Co, while Mark Marlow settled along the Alexander/Iredell Co line, just SE of the Wilkes line. Thomas Marlow located in the NE section of Iredell County. Most of this area at one time was part of Rowan Co NC.

The relationship of these families is unknown, but as James, John and Mark had all settled with such close proximity, one might suspect there was indeed some connection. These families have "branched" out into nearby counties, as well as across the US.

After many years of researching these families, I am convinced that James, John and Mark were brothers. I also believe these families have a relationship to Thomas Marlow. Exactly what, I do not know. Hopefully another researcher will continue with the search and find the pieces that I have missed, and be able to prove the relationship of these families.

I have tried to link James, John, Mark & Thomas to other, early MARLOW branches in the US and have been unable to do so. In researching the Thomas MARLOW line, there have been 'clues' that indicate this family may previously have been in VA; before that in MD and originated in England from a William MARLOW.

My main research has focused on the James Marlow family branches; where they settled, lived and died on the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes Co NC.

Come on in and visit with the MARLOW Family on the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes County NC and surrounding counties.