Parker/Cook Mill

Parker Mill
Photo circa 1895
In the foreground is the old flume

Standing alone on the far left is Leonard Laws (or Harve Walker?)
1st Row: John Tevepaugh, son of Charlie Tevepaugh - Mary Laws (or Sallie Tevepaugh?)
2nd Row: Charlotte Hendren - Thenia Kiziah Tevepaugh wife of Charlie - Charlie Tevepaugh
3rd Row: Henry Moore, holding a gun - Lloyd Hendren - Ephriam Elbert Hendren, bearded man also holding gun
4th Row: First 3 unidentified - Henry Hayes standing on log - Ruie H Parker - John A Parker - next 3 ladies are daus of Henry Hayes

  • Johnny Tevepaugh (young boy) was born June 1888

    Parker Mill

    Parker Mill

    Located just off the Brushy Mtn Rd, this mill was previously owned & operated by Ephraim Cook.

  • The mill was supposedly washed away in the flood of 1916.
  • The next flood, in 1940, washed out a large area below the waterfall creating a swimming
       hole for local kids, as well as a site for many family gatherings.
  • Deeds prove that a mill existed in 1919, therefore either Parker rebuilt the mill or it wasn't
       washed away in 1916.
  • Deeds also prove there was a 'beach area' below the falls that many families used.
  • John A Parker acquired the mill in 1894 - Parker sold the mill to J T Humphries in 1919 -
       R N Holland owned the mill in 1953. The mill was functional and operated under the owner-
       ship of these men.
  • The history of the mill is somewhat vague but it is an important part of the Marlow & other
       Brushy Mountain families' history.
  • All of this land at one time belonged to Ephraim Cook.

    The falls as it looks in 2004.   The mill was located in the area to the left and below the falls.
    Waterfall at Mill

    One of the pillars for the old mill still standing in 2004.
    Waterfall at Mill

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