My name is Zoey       

Imagine being taken to a strange place and thrown out. You stand there all alone not knowing what is happening to you. What would you do? Think about it. It happens too often but so many do not give it a single thought.

You don't know where you are or why someone is doing this to you. So you do the best you can to survive until maybe one day someone will come along, see you and take you home with them. Oh but so many never get to experience such a wonderful feeling. But I did.

My name is Zoey and this is my story.

A man kept stopping alongside the road to give me food. Some days I ventured off the highway looking for food and this man didn't see me. So I ate what I could find elsewhere. Sometimes it wasn't very tasty.

One day this man saw me running along the road and stopped again to feed me. Only this time, he stayed until I could be coached into his arms. And I have never left them! He had been looking for me for a couple of days and had thought that someone else had gotten me. Nah, I was waiting for Mom & Dad! By the time Dad showed up the last time, I was so scared. I had been shot at so many times and even had B-B's in my body. The sound of a gun shooting off in the distance still scares me terribly.

I love my Mom & Dad. They took me home one evening and the very next day, I was at the doctors office getting checked over. I had to get a few shots and some medicine to help me feel better. The dr says that I am about 2 1/2 yrs old and probably had two litters of pups. Well, won't be anymore babies for me as that was taken care of a few weeks after I arrived at my forever home.

Oh, there are some feathered creatures living here. They get lots of love too. At first I was kept away from these flying things until my Mom was sure that I wasn't going to harm them. Now I just go where I want too, but mostly staying close to mom or dad. My Mom & Dad sure have a lot of love to give to each of us. I was named Zoey which means life. Seems appropriate huh?

Oh yeah, I might mention here that one of these feathered things, actually talks and he calls for daddy all the time. Sometimes both of us run down the hall together, yeah, that's right, side by side we go, looking for daddy. Mom's always around so we know where she is. But when dad comes home, we go running!

Mom calls these feathered things her kids; yep, I am one of her kids too now! Oh me, how lucky can I get!

Harley Davidson

Last March one of my feathered brothers passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Mom still crys for little Harley because she still misses him so much.

He was her "little man" and leader of the flock. This photo was taken 5 days
before he was put to sleep. He just couldn't make it any longer although Mom
tried everything to keep him with us.

The doctor said it was time to let him go. Mom didn't want too, but she didn't
want him to suffer anymore. So we said goodbye to little Harley.

Rest in Peace, Harley. You were so loved while you were with us!

We Miss You So Very Much!!

05 October 2010                                          

Zoey has been with us 17 mos now. I have no idea how she managed to survive out in the world all alone.
How could anyone throw her out?

Whether or not she was just thrown out, we do not really know. But when we first took her home, she kept looking at cars as they passed by as if she were looking for someone.

Just a feeling I got while watching her but it might not be so. Whatever the reason she was homeless and in such bad shape when we took her home with us in May 4 2009.

She has been on antibiotics frequently in the past year for staph. Her internal organs must have been full of bad things. Her hair which was so wiry and broken is now soft and curly.

September 25 2009 - Zoey has been with us about 5 mos now. She is so beautiful.

24 June 2009 - She has been with us for almost 2 months - looking much better now.

Photo: 5 May 2009 - We brought her home on May 4 2009; she was a mess and so hungry.

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