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Too often family photos, letters, bibles, etc are thrown away and parts of our history are lost forever. This is my effort at preserving the heritage of my ancestors so others may share knowledge of the MARLOW family history. Information presented here is to help others find a link to their past.

My research spans over 20 years with many hours in front of microfilm machines & books in libraries & courthouses; making phone calls & writing letters; visits to areas viewing homeplaces, churches, cemeteries; interviewing residents and making photos. Most of the work was done before the emergence of online data.

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I have personally talked with many of the residents on the Brushy Mountains and have found them to be most kind and helpful. Some have taken hours of their time showing me around the area, pointing out sites and landmarks that I found mentioned in deeds. To all these kind people, I am eternally grateful. Proud that my ancestors chose this wonderful place to call home. My roots are deeply embedded here and with each visit, feel as though I am coming home.

It has been my pleasure to have trekked along the paths of the Brushy Mountains and walked through forests, fields & homelands, beautiful and peaceful. Along the trails that my ancestors once tred, viewing wildflowers such as jack-in-pulpit, blood root, lady's slipper, etc. On one hike we heard a deer shrieking out it's warning that we were there! Further on down the trail we ran into two large deer that seemed oblivious to our being near.

It is a beautiful area and in 2004 still has many unpaved roads. Much progress has occurred in the past 10 years with land being sold as older family members pass on and descendants, for one reason or other, do not keep the land. The gentle quietness of this area will soon be lost and forgotten as development encroaches the area. I have been fortunate to see it as it was so many years ago and have tried to preserve as much as possible through photographs.

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